Sunday, April 30, 2017

UOD: April 30, 2017

In the last week of April I happened to come across a mass-Scalis "run" and joined in on the fun.

I didn't get anything over the course of several bosses, but it was fun participating in the mass destruction of sea-faring creatures.

By this time I had started feeling less butthurt about my plants and began working on them. It's been a slow process as I'm trying to stagger the plants' growth. I don't want to get stuck in a cycle of mass plant tending once every 9 days.

Nestor and I did our first level 7 T-Map. It was interesting, to say the least.

We managed to do one level 6 map after this before Nestor hopped off for the night and I found other adventures to embark on.

One of those adventures was a two-day EM event to bring in the start of a new story arc.

It went about as well as can be expected for an end-of-month EM event. At that point there had been no EM drops for April, and a lot of people were banking on a drop for this particular night.

As usual, there was too much going on and I was too laggy to really grasp what was happening. I do know that the person we were helping turned out to be a Big Baddie and he turned into a big green muscley alien straight out of Space Jam.

My biggest complaint for this particular event is that the fighting happened within town limits. My mage/bard couldn't cast Energy Vortex, Earthquake, or any other of her normal spells. With the crowds and Enemy of One spam, it was all I could do just to sit there and keep myself healed without crashing. I may have gotten one or two hits on the boss.

At one point the boss was teleported to a different area of the city and the fight ended there.

Poor Bennu was berated by one particularly upset man, insisting that Bennu was the worst EM ever and he should stop ever doing events. It was a combination of humorous and sad to see how riled up this person got.

In any case, the day continued and I stopped by the bank before heading back home. Of course, the ne'er-do-wells were at it again. I left before they truly trashed the place.

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