Monday, May 1, 2017

UOD: May 1, 2017

Publish 97 has been fully released, bringing with it some Easter clickys at Justice Falls. I'm really impressed by the swan graphic!

If anyone tries telling you the black graphic is rarer, it's not. No specific name or color was any more rare or common than another.

The clicky was available for 5 days (today being the last day, if I'm understanding the countdown correctly) and is usable on a per-char daily basis. In other words, if you have an account with all 7 character slots filled, you could have received 35 swans from that account alone. So if someone is trying to price hike, just keep in mind that there are a lot of swans in circulation.

On a less-important note, Publish 97 also brought the taming publish to all production shards! ;)

The world is slowly filling up with these new tameables, and general chat is constantly chattering with sales of said pets.

During this chatter, I caught someone asking for a rez in dungeon ice by a marcey.

I ran to marcey's aid, as did MadDog, someone I see frequently at Scalis events and champion spawns. We rezzed marcey, guarded her until she reached her corpse, and then helped her tame the white wyrm that had been her demise. It was a new teal-colored wyrm.

As her way of thanking us, marcey took us around Britannia to show us the spawn locations of the new animals she had located. As we talked about it, I mentioned that one of the animals MadDog was interested in spawned on T-map chests.

We decided to group up and run a few treasure maps to try and bring out the new tameables.

MadDog switched to his treasure hunter and marcey and I stayed on our current characters. The plan was for marcey to act as the tamer and once we were all done she would divvy out the pets we had tamed.

Unfortunately nothing that we wanted spawned, and it grew late enough for everyone to need to get off.

I quite enjoyed this adventure we embarked on. Here's hoping I run across them and we choose to go on these adventures again.


  1. I read there are crimson and platinum drakes. Have you seen them?

    I want swans!!!!


    1. I've seen the crimson drakes in Destard. I can't remember if I've seen Platinum drakes.

      As of this comment the Justic Falls clicky show they have 12 hours left on them! You can still get your swans!

    2. I don't know where Justice Falls is, or what clickys are?! *runs away crying*


    3. In the first picture, the squirrel behind the character talking in purple is what the clicky is. Clickys are just things put in the game that you double-click on to get some sort of reward for.
      Justice falls is north of the Justice shrine OR east of the Yew gate. If you do east of the yew gate you're going to have to run a while. Once you get to a river make sure you're on the south side of the river and hug the water until you reach an area that looks like the 1st picture. :)

    4. I never did find the place. I tried both ways, going north from the shrine and running from Yew gate, and just seemed to be running endlessly from Jukas and elementals and everything else that was determined to kill me. *sigh*