Friday, April 14, 2017

UOD: April 14, 2017

Building the castle has been completed!!

All in all building the castle has taken 26.5 hours across 16 sessions. Any additional work on the build will be credited towards my decoration timer.

Yes, I'm timing everything. I'm intrigued to know how long it actually takes to do what I'm trying to do.

Since the castle has been completed, I've gotten started on decorating. The 1st floor is getting there. According to Nestor, it's done, but he's the one who "decorated" the middle room and put in that row of fountains. If you ask me, they don't fit with the look I have going for the castle. One of these times he's asleep I will use his account to move the stuff he placed down.

I've decided to create a little desert oasis on one of the roof tops. It's coming along okay, but I want some finishing touches.

One of those finishing touches was at this auction. All auctioneer shenanigans aside, there was a set of water themed deco that was up for 75 million. Nobody seemed interested in it, and I couldn't decide whether I wanted it in time to place my own bid. I figured I would just attend the next auction and buy it up, but the item was no longer being offered by the time the next auction started.

I will have to instead scour Vendor Search frequently until the item pops up. Wish me luck!

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