Tuesday, September 1, 2015

UOD: September 1, 2015

With the release of the first Time of Legends patch to TC1 and some new tilesets to work with, I decided to hop on and test out the new building blocks. Also, it's maybe been a while so I figured I would update this blog with what I've done UO wise in between pictures. If I finish decorating this house I'll do a full post dedicated to just the house, but as is I'm qualifying this as a diary entry I'm not labelling it as anything related to house decorating.
So I let the plants completely die off, both on Lake Austin and Atlantic. I kept forgetting about them and eventually I'd gotten to the point where I had the same set of plants for a month with no sign of any of the plants getting better. So I called it quits and let them die off. I may or may not start growing again in the near future. It's to be decided.
All three of the main houses I have been posting about have had some headway in their decorating progress. The Luna house of LA is coming along, not that I really know what to do with it anymore. The Atlantic greenhouse is 95% done with decorating. At this point it's just small tweaks here or there but I'm very happy with it. The apartment complex doesn't have a lot in it. I stopped working on it for a bit because I reached a creative roadblock in how I was going to decorate each room without them looking too... same-y. In reality if I were to rent a room out I would let the tenant do their own decorations, anyway, but what's the harm in having a show room? All the real estate companies do it!
I'm contemplating opening up this blog to other video games besides Ultima Online. I don't mind blogging about video games at all -in fact I quite love it- and I've found that what I do in UO is rather formulaic after posting about it every other day. Besides, it's not the only game I play. Not by a long shot. I have so much to say about all these video games I play and at this point I'm not sure what I want to do anymore. I'll have to think on it.
There feels like a marked difference in the playerbase between now and when I was last consistently on, in March & April. It could be the start of school again, but I didn't think that much of the playerbase was still attending. It could just be a bad time of year. Maybe I'm just not on during the right times or going to the right places to find people. Atlantic is starting to look like Lake Austin when the LA playerbase began commenting on how dead everything was. I still refuse to let go of the game, though. There has to be a reason the developers are even bothering with putting out new content, and that reason has to be that UO is still somehow profitable, even with how low the active playerbase is. I keep holding on to hope that some day there will be a comeback. It's unrealistic, but I can hope, can I not?