Saturday, April 29, 2017

UOD: April 29, 2017

I finished the desert oasis section on the castle. It's a quaint little escape from the "troubles" of Britannia.

I've been working on the castle on and off for a while. Progress has slowed incredibly, both due to my own boredom at decorating and lower play hours.

I had a moment of sad disappointment in myself. I started a fresh batch of seeds with the intention of cross-pollination. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about the plants and when I finally remembered to check on them each plant was already at its seed-producing stage.

Talk about a waste of one entire batch of plants. This situation discouraged me so much I haven't touched the plants in a long while.

Later in the month, there was a very... controversial? Popular? High profile? IDOC within Luna walls. General chat became an unbearable cesspool for days afterwards. Virtue's Live Auction fell in the middle of the drama that went on, leading to this little tidbit at the beginning of one night.

I've been buying up a lot of sand and grass tiles as part of my grand castle decorating scheme. While taking some older non-stackable tiles to the chest in Britain, I came across yet another disgusting scene.

*shakes head*

Those damn Orcs.

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