Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kammie's Custom House Designs: January 2010

This house design is very heavily influenced by a design I'd found on a website at the time. I believe it was from Markee Dragon's website back when they actually had screenshots from UO. I remember perusing those images all the time, looking for some sort of decorating/building inspiration.
Here you can see the eating table I had set up. I really just wanted to fill that empty space and had decided to reuse my previous "Thanksgiving Table" concept here.
Here you can see the entrance way I had set up. This really had no 'me' touch besides the carpet; I took it directly from the screenshots I was using to build this house. The only other changes were the addition of a couple of plants, then-new Christmas and 12th Anniversary decorations, and that candelabra that was from Stygian Abyss.
This was my usual waterfall and sitting area combination that I'd taken a liking to around that time. Here you can also see my addition of the runebook library of sorts to the right.
Here's where I had my rares and collectibles. I probably should have added a completed library in the upper left area, but this was before I'd taken to adding libraries wherever I needed to fill space. My tailor BOD cloth and sandals were on display as this was Test Center and at the time it still had a separate economy from production shards, leaving menial things such as these as high-end trading items.
The third floor had my typical crafting and storage section. I'd later add in another stone table to add some baking goods on (such as the gingerbread men that my friends and I found quite amusing when trying to eat) but the layout remained much the same.
For completion's sake I've included the screenshots that I took to show the roofing. If you look closely you can see that this roofing doesn't create a perfect 'fit' with the level above it, and on the 3rd floor you can sort of see into the house in lines of about 2 pixels wide. In later iterations of these roofs I began taking to placing like-colored tiling on the 4th floor to prevent that inconsistency.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kammie's Memories: 2007 - Garret

Now this is a trip to the past. I only remember that this was taken in very early 2007, back when I still had a thing with symmetry in my house designs and when I liked having a color scheme to each individual room. Looking back, I feel I made the rooms to this house too big... but that's besides the point of this particular tidbit from my past.
The character in blaze riding the green hiryu is Garret. He was a pretty close friend at that time. As I recall he was many years older than me, but we weren't ones to complain about ages. We enjoyed taming colored hiryus and collecting as many colored ones as we could. I remember that this was before the introduction of greater dragons, and that I couldn't tame the hiryus on my own unless I was completely devoting my attention to healing my white wyrm. I miss him, even though my memories fail to tell me why. I'm pretty sure it's just because he was a great friend and we did so much together, back in the days of "TLAC" and "TGIF" (Tastes Like a Chicken, and Thank God It's Friday), the predecessors to AXIS.
Anyways... this is a short entry, but I've decided to try to post whatever I can about my earlier days of Ultima Online.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kammie's Custom House Design Builds: October 2010 (Round Two)

This is actually older than the previous post's build, but when initially looking at them I'd thought this was the younger one. Oops, my bad. This was the last build I did on this particular Test Center before it wiped and we got the one in the previous post. Then that one got taken down for Shard of the Dead 2010. Fun times, right? As I never got a chance to decorate this build, there are no accompanying screenshots. That seems to've happened with a lot of the builds I recorded.