Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ultima Online: May 11, 2017

One cloudy morning I found myself on a ship sailing the unknown. Who knew what adventures awaited me once I found land. My parched throat begged for water. My grumbling stomach asked to be fed. Who knew when I would reach land?

Or maybe the answer is a bit less dramatic: trade quests. Up until watching the MWG stream, I had completely written off trade quests. A few months ago I came across a mention of trade quests when finding out how to obtain some signs to go with a hanger I had picked up. I immediately dismissed the thought of trying said quests out, assuming that 'trade quest' meant 'fishmonger quest.' I do not have a fisher(wo)man, so I thought these quests were beyond doing for a while yet.

Turns out I was wrong! Oops!

The best thing I've gotten so far is a Transcendence scroll in Spellweaving. Outside of that I've gotten ingots, leather, and gold.

Plant growing has continued. I'm 99% finished with moving the plant vendors over. I haven't moved over anything from my original plain colored plant vendor and every time I think to I'm in the middle of doing something else.

During one of MWG's streams, they mentioned that they wouldn't mind watching someone build and decorate a house. That stuck with me, and now whenever I'm doing a major deco session I go ahead and stream it. I'm still far from done and I run into lots of issues with creative road blocks, but once I get on a roll with a room/area there's no stopping me.

In a stroke of creative genius, I added a marshmallow duckling to the tubs on the 1st floor. I'm sure I'm not the only one to've thought of this, but I'm ridiculously happy about this little detail nonetheless.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ultima Online: May 6, 2017

Thanks to General Chat, I came across a lovely twitch streaming couple a few weeks ago. Ever since then, I've managed to miss their streams time and time again.

This week I hit the ManWomanGaming jackpot!

Tuesday they decided to do some treasure maps and mentioned in their stream that anyone was welcome to join. Two of us hopped in and helped them complete a few ingenious (level 6) maps.

After our treasure hunting shenanigans, Woman and I spent some time drinking and having a private party with her brand new bartender.

On Thursday I caught their stream again and helped them do some more level 6 maps. While they were doing some trade quests later in the stream, they happened to run by our castle and I gave them a little tour of what I had completed so far. I have not worked on the castle in a while, but I'm super happy with what I've completed so far.

That brings me up to today. April was not much of a UO month, and I can't guarantee that I'll keep playing enough to have semi-consistent posts, but whenever I do hop on I will try to post about it. This has been the longest time that I've consistently played the game in over 5 years. It has been a wonderfully rewarding experience and if I were to never return after today I would be happy with how my time on UO ended. I don't have any plans to quit playing, of course, but my point is I've enjoyed falling in love with the game again.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Ultima Online: May 5, 2017

There was an interesting auction the last weekend of April. This particular one had a litany of trolls interfering at several points and one presumably young one pestering Briar.

Outside of the various flame field potions, someone kept bringing greater dragons and shadow wyrms to the house, renaming it some variation of "Virtue's Live Auction Sucks", and releasing the creature near the steps. At one point it looked like someone had tried to call in a harbinger, but it only popped up for a second before disappearing.

In the middle of all this, a character started asking Briar how she could add in her items to the auction. She couldn't seem to grasp Briar's words of "it's too late to submit for this auction" and "those items you have (level 1 primers, newbie weapons) will probably not sell for much." The character kept insisting and I feel quite bad for Briar, as she was being patient with the person.

Eventually that person left in a huff and started advertising in general chat that she was having "bets" for her fantastic items in Luna. Somehow she got it in her head that bet=auction.

I can only laugh so much, as I have very "fond" memories of pulling almost this exact trick many a moon ago. Only the time I did it was before AoS and on the top floor of a tower. I seem to recall lots of caps on my part.

One thing I forgot to mention in all of this plant growing madness was the series of great deals I had on some seed boxes. I'm collecting seed boxes to better store and organize my seeds, so I've been keeping an eye on Vendor Search. Two seed boxes I bought had a lot of naturalist colored seeds (score!) and yet another seed box had a complete seed set. It not only completed my set of original seeds, it had all of the colored peculiar plant variations as well! Now the only things I'm missing are some bonsai and vanilla plants. Unfortunately for me, the colored vanilla plants are a complete random chance when cross-pollinating and do not produce more seeds once grown.

Monday, May 1, 2017

UOD: May 1, 2017

Publish 97 has been fully released, bringing with it some Easter clickys at Justice Falls. I'm really impressed by the swan graphic!

If anyone tries telling you the black graphic is rarer, it's not. No specific name or color was any more rare or common than another.

The clicky was available for 5 days (today being the last day, if I'm understanding the countdown correctly) and is usable on a per-char daily basis. In other words, if you have an account with all 7 character slots filled, you could have received 35 swans from that account alone. So if someone is trying to price hike, just keep in mind that there are a lot of swans in circulation.

On a less-important note, Publish 97 also brought the taming publish to all production shards! ;)

The world is slowly filling up with these new tameables, and general chat is constantly chattering with sales of said pets.

During this chatter, I caught someone asking for a rez in dungeon ice by a marcey.

I ran to marcey's aid, as did MadDog, someone I see frequently at Scalis events and champion spawns. We rezzed marcey, guarded her until she reached her corpse, and then helped her tame the white wyrm that had been her demise. It was a new teal-colored wyrm.

As her way of thanking us, marcey took us around Britannia to show us the spawn locations of the new animals she had located. As we talked about it, I mentioned that one of the animals MadDog was interested in spawned on T-map chests.

We decided to group up and run a few treasure maps to try and bring out the new tameables.

MadDog switched to his treasure hunter and marcey and I stayed on our current characters. The plan was for marcey to act as the tamer and once we were all done she would divvy out the pets we had tamed.

Unfortunately nothing that we wanted spawned, and it grew late enough for everyone to need to get off.

I quite enjoyed this adventure we embarked on. Here's hoping I run across them and we choose to go on these adventures again.