Friday, May 5, 2017

Ultima Online: May 5, 2017

There was an interesting auction the last weekend of April. This particular one had a litany of trolls interfering at several points and one presumably young one pestering Briar.

Outside of the various flame field potions, someone kept bringing greater dragons and shadow wyrms to the house, renaming it some variation of "Virtue's Live Auction Sucks", and releasing the creature near the steps. At one point it looked like someone had tried to call in a harbinger, but it only popped up for a second before disappearing.

In the middle of all this, a character started asking Briar how she could add in her items to the auction. She couldn't seem to grasp Briar's words of "it's too late to submit for this auction" and "those items you have (level 1 primers, newbie weapons) will probably not sell for much." The character kept insisting and I feel quite bad for Briar, as she was being patient with the person.

Eventually that person left in a huff and started advertising in general chat that she was having "bets" for her fantastic items in Luna. Somehow she got it in her head that bet=auction.

I can only laugh so much, as I have very "fond" memories of pulling almost this exact trick many a moon ago. Only the time I did it was before AoS and on the top floor of a tower. I seem to recall lots of caps on my part.

One thing I forgot to mention in all of this plant growing madness was the series of great deals I had on some seed boxes. I'm collecting seed boxes to better store and organize my seeds, so I've been keeping an eye on Vendor Search. Two seed boxes I bought had a lot of naturalist colored seeds (score!) and yet another seed box had a complete seed set. It not only completed my set of original seeds, it had all of the colored peculiar plant variations as well! Now the only things I'm missing are some bonsai and vanilla plants. Unfortunately for me, the colored vanilla plants are a complete random chance when cross-pollinating and do not produce more seeds once grown.

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