Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ultima Online: May 11, 2017

One cloudy morning I found myself on a ship sailing the unknown. Who knew what adventures awaited me once I found land. My parched throat begged for water. My grumbling stomach asked to be fed. Who knew when I would reach land?

Or maybe the answer is a bit less dramatic: trade quests. Up until watching the MWG stream, I had completely written off trade quests. A few months ago I came across a mention of trade quests when finding out how to obtain some signs to go with a hanger I had picked up. I immediately dismissed the thought of trying said quests out, assuming that 'trade quest' meant 'fishmonger quest.' I do not have a fisher(wo)man, so I thought these quests were beyond doing for a while yet.

Turns out I was wrong! Oops!

The best thing I've gotten so far is a Transcendence scroll in Spellweaving. Outside of that I've gotten ingots, leather, and gold.

Plant growing has continued. I'm 99% finished with moving the plant vendors over. I haven't moved over anything from my original plain colored plant vendor and every time I think to I'm in the middle of doing something else.

During one of MWG's streams, they mentioned that they wouldn't mind watching someone build and decorate a house. That stuck with me, and now whenever I'm doing a major deco session I go ahead and stream it. I'm still far from done and I run into lots of issues with creative road blocks, but once I get on a roll with a room/area there's no stopping me.

In a stroke of creative genius, I added a marshmallow duckling to the tubs on the 1st floor. I'm sure I'm not the only one to've thought of this, but I'm ridiculously happy about this little detail nonetheless.

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